Schedule Your Road Test

Our road test is an alternative to doing the road test with the DPS. It is administered by a certified professional. Road tests last approximately 30 minutes. We will provide a vehicle for you to use for the test.

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road test dates and times.

Road Test Requirements for Teens (Students ages 16 - 17)
1. Possess a valid Texas Learner License. You must have had the license for at least 6 months or have already turned 18 years old. (Learner Licenses typically expire on the 18th birthday. Renew early if necessary; the temporary paper permit is admissible while unexpired.)
2. Provide proof of completion of Driver’s Education, the DE-964 certificate.
3. Provide proof of unexpired Impact Texas Teen Drivers certificate.
4. Provide completed 30 hour driving log.
5. Include the parent who registered through TDLR. They must be present at your appointment.
Road Test Requirements for Adults (Students ages 18+)
1. Possess a valid TexasLearners License. (The temporary paper permit is acceptable as long as it’s not expired.)
2. Provide proof of unexpired Impact Texas Adult Drivers certificate.